Every day I find myself amazed by the world around me and I feel compelled to capture it with my camera.

I spend quite a lot of time with children and families, so they are my main models and clients. My goal is to document people’s life, so that moments of joy, laugh, play, happiness or reflexion are not forgotten.  As a mom of three beautiful children I know how amazingly fast they grow!  We can’t stop time, but thanks to photography we can keep memories forever.

In my portfolio you will see photos from birthday parties, family reunions, baptisms or simply children at play.  There are pictures from first nations’ pow wows that I took at Six Nations and Mississaugas of the New Credit Reserves near Hamilton, Ontario.

I have also done family photo sessions outdoors and portraits in the studio and will confidently shoot a wedding or any other event you would like to keep photo memories of.

If you like photojournalism, you will definitely love my photography style.